EV Charger

We are delighted to have installed an easee charging robot for EV driving cottage guests to safely and conveniently charge their electric vehicles.

The easee one is an untethered charger so it’s a case of bring your own cable that works for your vehicle. I have an app on my phone to record consumption and cost. Just let me know at the beginning of your stay if you would like to use the charger and I can take the readings and do the sums so you know how much it has cost you.

We don’t currently have the facilities to take card payments so payment in cash or a bank transfer only.


Instructions from easee

1. Check the charging cable and connector for damage and impurities such as foreign objects and water ingress before charging

2. Connect the charging cable to the Charging Robot and your electric car. The charging process starts and adapts automatically to the electric car and the available energy at any time according to the configuration

White – constant light, only at the bottom Standby

White – constant light Car connected

White – pulsating light Charging in progress